Graphic Design & Content Creation:

imagesĀ seen with the eye & imagination,

converted into visual content

Logo Seen By Paulien - Graphic Design
Graphic design - Portrait illustration of Japanese woman (Geisha)


Graphic design - protest poster: 'Life in Plastic; it's fantastic!' (woman taking a bite from the planet in a plastic bag, with pieces of plastic between her teeth)


Photo of child with graphic designed t-shirt, sitting on floor eating a cupcake



Graphic poster and logo design for fashion show (image without the text)


Photo edit: pigeon in love with street art of a giant pigeon - content creation

Photo manipulation

Graphic design - Front page of climbing magazine 'Amsterdam klimt'



Detail photo of a maquette made for a flower fair - content creation


Graphic design - Poster for techno event without text and logo

Secret stuff

Looking for creative, original and personal content?

Bringing ideas to life through strong, playful and meaningful visuals is what I love to do.

Whether it’s creating content for social media, designing posters, postcards, photographs or complete advertising campaigns.

Have a look at my portfolio to get an impression of the various options or get in touch.