Graphic design: portrait illustration of Japanese woman (Geisha) with kimono


The assignment was to create a digitally illustrated portrait with a pattern and visible title. I chose to draw a geisha (Geiko 芸妓), which translates specifically as “Woman of Art”. The title ‘Japon’ means ‘Japan’ in French, and ‘dress’ in Dutch; referring to her kimono. I’ve placed some cranes on the kimono as a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. The recurring pattern at the background says Japan aka Nippon in kanji: 日本.

I used a beautiful photograph by Nailee Wang as a reference for this illustration.


Meet ‘Woektiedoedel’; the first out of three different monsters I’ve designed, all cute and goofy at the same time. Scroll down to get to see all of them.

These monsters are your friends and protect you from the evil monsters beneath your bed.  So keep them close and wear them on a t-shirt or as a mask. Have a sneak peek and get in touch to purchase your favorite monster!

Back page of birth card: illustration of a sail boat on a river between the mountains

Birth card - Backside

Birth card design: the back side of the card aligned with the front side of the card. I've added the sail boat for an extra personal touch, because this has special meaning for the client in question.
Birth card of bunny arriving by balloon

Birth card - Front side

Birth card design of a blue bunny: the newly born's first stuffed animal. The child came unexpectedly as a pleasant surprise, which is represented by the bunny arriving by balloon into this world. The name of the baby was added on the balloon, and a picture of the real stuffed bunny of the baby boy was placed on the inside of the card.
Graphic design of 3 cute and goofy monsters